Autumn is here, and winter is coming.

Follow on through on a behind-the-scenes rendering imitation project, from drawings to mood boards, resulting in a rendered room filled with Archer Care furniture. This project clearly illustrates how Archer's furniture can be incorporated into any care environment. 

Archer Care values the importance of not only comfort but customizability. With residents in aged care, health care, retirement, and mental health facilities, we ensure that your residents are provided for. This process, from mood board to rendering, can give a clear example of what it is like to work with Archer Concepts. With your input and our collaboration, we can create an authentic environment for your space. 

 Mood Board Archer Care Sketch

A brief spatial drawing is done up to set out a path for the theme, colour, and textures to be placed inside, which is why it is followed up with a mood board. 

 Mood Board Archer Care

First, let's start with a warm autumn to winter-inspired lounge theme. Colours and fabric types dictate mood, which is incredibly important for these earth tones to leave you comfortable, warm and reassured. Once the colour scheme is created, furniture is picked out on Archer Care that contributes to the lavish design. 

Archer Care Lounge_1 - Copy Archer Care Lounge_C3

First, we have the show of the lounge, a place for physical comfort yet holding the space with its bright green covering fabric. The Gomo 2.5 Seater Sofa is upholstered with textured boucle-like fabric that is soft and resilient. In the middle, we have the Vida Round Coffee Table, Picked as American Oak, showcasing a refined elegance with its woodgrain providing dimension. The Puff Ottoman - Square is the puff that embodies home comfort; with an extra seating option or use of ‘kick your feet up and relax’, the ottoman is defined as luxurious. The statement double Rico Bookcase is not only powerful but functional. Its sophistication can allow being filled with books while staying in during the rainy weather. Details are of utmost importance to ensure your space feels comfortable; with the cold approaching, don't forget to add an Heirloom Throw; snuggle up in this faux fur to keep warm all winter. 

Archer Care provides careful consideration that can transform any space with furniture that is functional, comfortable, and flexible in the customization of colour, finish, size and shape. 

With a variety of mood board options to rendering imagery, our design process guides clients through the design process so everyone can experience the best environment.