Transforming spaces into functional and aesthetically appealing environments is what we to do every day, but it’s only once we’ve completed the fit out and the residents of the aged care, retirement living, or healthcare facility are settled in, that the effects of the transformation can be witnessed. Because it is by transforming spaces that we aid in the transformation of the lives of those living there.


With over 40 years of experience providing specialised furniture and complete fitout solutions to a range of clients across the care sector, the team at Archer Care have an extensive understanding of the day-to-day requirements and experiences of those working and living in retirement villages, care homes, and hospitals.

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One way we deliver the best possible experience and care to their residents with safe and comfortable spaces, is by supplying specialised furniture. Each piece is designed to improve the quality of life of residents with extra care taken to ensure each piece is beneficial for both patients and carers.

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For example, our range of recliners are specifically designed to reduce the chance of pressure sores and discomfort, are built to be lightweight and many are made to be easy to wheel around, so they can be moved and manoeuvred whenever necessary.  Certain pieces have additional features to make day to day living and care easier on both patients and carers, such as moveable arms on recliners allowing for ease of transfer, folding table bases for storing out of the way, push handles on the backs of chairs for the benefit of carers, others are built to the perfect width to fit through doorways with ease, and many of the pieces in the range have removable, breathable and waterproof fabric for easy cleaning and infection control.


One example is our fitout of furniture at Elizabeth Knox Home & Hospital, a distinct care home and hospital in Auckland for elders and younger adults. The home’s ethos is all about care and transforming the lives of their residents and team - which aligns closely with our philosophy of transforming spaces in aged care. Working closely with Jill the CEO at Elizabeth Knox Home & Hospital, we helped to transform their interiors into a vibrant and functional space with premium comfort and attention to every detail along the way.

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Some of the furniture selected for the full furniture fitout at Elizabeth Knox included our exclusive range of furniture including the highly comfortable Kate Lounge Chair featuring stylish rounded back and tapered arms for hours of relaxation, as well as our very popular timeless Bella ¾ Back Chair - both chairs being the perfect seat height for easy exit and entry. A range of bespoke furniture was selected including built-in corner chaise which were cushioned to provide extra comfort and placed conveniently throughout break-out areas.

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Further to furniture fitouts, our designers produce layout solutions to remedy existing pain points and ensure every detail of the new fitout is functional and practical. The result? A space that is easier for a carer to care, and more comfortable for those being cared for.

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