At the heart of Archer Care is our dedication to transforming spaces for agedcare, healthcare and retirement living.

We’ve worked with a range of clients throughout New Zealand from luxury retirement villages, care homes, hospitals, to Department of Health Boards, transforming the lives of residents and teams to create a functional and aesthetic environment tailored to their needs.

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We achieve this by understanding that no two of our customers are the same.  At the heart of the facilities that we work with are the people that live there, that call their spaces ‘home’. And as people, their needs are unique - one size doesn’t fit all. Which is why we work closely with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their individual requirements and bring these requirements to life through specialised quality, functional furniture and interiors.

Through these positive client relationships, we learn what it means to those living at the care home, retirement village, clinic, hospice, or other facility. Whether it’s sophisticated and tranquil, durable and soothing, or vibrant and fun, careful consideration throughout the process ensures we create a space with the most suitable furniture, colours, layout, atmosphere and other considerations that would impact residents and their carers if it wasn’t quite right. The result? Together we provide a new standard of easy living with a focus on an easy transition for residents.


Designing for a range of residents requires flexibility. For example, we would approach creating a home-like environment that the residents and families wish to be in differently to creating a space suited to more demanding environments such as prisons and psychiatric facilities.


Our work with Waitemata DHB focused on transforming the Mason Clinic into a space where form and function ensured a safe, durable and comfortable environment. But it was also important to incorporate soothing colours that aligned with the clinic’s ethos to provide a therapeutic commitment to patients, their families and the community.IMG_1141

Alternatively, we worked closely with the premium high-class retirement home, Nazareth Community Care, to reflect their vision of providing the very best retirement village living. We ensured the home exuded sophistication whilst being modern and convenient, where every space exuded quality and comfort with interiors and furniture that enhance the atmosphere.


We understand that your future residents are eagerly waiting to purchase their new apartments, or your current residents are ready to move into their new rooms. We recognise that any delays have a direct impact on the people we are creating these spaces to care for. Which is why from start to finish, the Archer Care team are there every step of the way to deliver the project on-time, to deadline. Once we have completed installation, we will remove any rubbish, and set up the space to your specifications, completing the transformation into a space that is ready to move into.