As the transition into level 2 began, so did the re-opening of care homes to family visitors. 

Whilst there is still restrictions in place with the numbers of visiting at one time, this is a big relief for family members and we can't help but imagine how wonderful it must be to see the smiles on the resident's faces as they reunite with their loved ones again.


Providing the spaces for aged care residents to reunite with family

Whether its meeting up in the dining room or private lounge area, one of the main things is to ensure everyone is comfortable and cared for.  As a company dedicated to providing specialised, fit for purpose furniture that creates comfortable environments, Archer Care is passionate about creating bespoke spaces for gathering that brings joy to residents, visitors and staff. 


Ensuring safety and comfort in private gathering spaces

Our team of skilled craftsman and designers are dedicated to providing the very best tailored solutions, ensuring the safety standards of the furniture are of the highest level with soft rounded corners and angles, the correct seat and table heights and measurements are correctly specified with the aged in mind.  We love to design dining and lounge spaces that combine the form and function required to suitably care for the aged residents, whilst providing a comfortable home-like environment.


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The Archer Care team are passionate about creating and transforming bespoke spaces for living and relaxing in.  View our aged care projects here

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